Krispy Kreme Poster Campaign

These were done for a local Krispy Kreme. They were a lot of fun to do. These won a "Special Judges Award" at the 2002 ADDYs show.

Hogle Zoo "Zoorassic Park" Poster Campaign

Zoorassic Park is an exhibit at the zoo featuring animatronic dinosaurs. These posters demonstrate the likely outcome if actual dinosaurs were on display at the zoo. The campaign was featured in Luerzer's International Archive Magazine (Volume 6-2011) and was awarded a Gold National ADDY in the 2012 show.

Hogle Zoo "Zoorassic Park" TV Spots

Hogle Zoo Winter Poster
We wanted a fun way to remind people that the zoo is open all year—even winter.

Cocoa Metro Poster Campaign

Cocoa Metro is a drink made from rich, dark Belgian chocolate and fresh milk. It's probably the best chocolate milk you'll ever taste. These were featured in Communication Arts in 2012 and in the Communication Arts Online Exhibit in April, 2012.

Hogle Zoo "Babies" Campaign

The "Stuffed Rabbit" poster received recognition from the 2010 National ADDY awards.

Cocoa Metro "Chocolate Bar" Poster Campaign

This campaign was features in Luerzer's International Archive Magazine (Volume 2-2012) and was awarded a Gold National ADDY in the 2012 show.

Stronger Marriage Newspaper Ads

This campaign is promoting a website that offers advice and classes designed to improve relationships. The campaign was recognized by the 2010 National ADDY Awards.

Highway Safety Office Motorcycle Eye Chart Poster

This eye chart poster will be hung in DMVs across the state to remind drivers to watch for motorcycles while driving. This was featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Design Annual.  

Labor Commission TV